SB9, the California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency (“HOME”) Act, facilitates the process for homeowners to subdivide their current residential lot or build a duplex. This bill signed by Governor Newsom on 9/16/2021 and effective 1/01/2022, mandates all cities and counties in California to ministerially approve these types of developments. This means if you own a single-family home property in California, you may be able to create a second property and sell it for a big profit, with a relatively small investment.

There are many restrictions and development standards that must be met. Only California-licensed land surveyors can prepare the required subdivision documents. Principal Engineers Frank Rosenblum and Matt Kamkar both serve on boards in the community that are involved in developing standards for these projects. U&R is geared up to provide land surveying and engineering services and help navigate clients through the process.