Up to now, construction companies shaping the ground for construction (grading) typically relied on many rounds of measuring the site and placing wooden stakes. Whether moving dirt, rock or other ground material, this procedure was necessary.

Today some construction companies are using a revolutionary new computer technology that makes use of space satellites: automated grading equipment with global positioning system. It enables construction teams to dramatically increase productivity and accuracy when grading a site.

This technology requires 3-D digital models of grading projects created from civil engineering files. U&R is one of the few firms that create such 3-D models from its grading plans.

Construction operators attach a rugged computer to the front of their bulldozer, motor grader, scraper or compactor. The computer then guides the equipment blade to shape the ground. With multiple computer screens, machine operators can see the entire project, display a cross-sectional view and compare their progress with the actual plans. U&R also measures, delineates and helps monitor the grading project.