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Creative Solutions Enable Cadence to Overcome Challenges in Adding Major Corporate Driveway

Need and Challenges:

In Silicon Valley's Santa Clara County, residents rate traffic among their top concerns. Instead of just listening to employee complaints about congestion while entering and leaving their parking lot, leadership at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. headquarters in San Jose decided to take action. They hired Underwood & Rosenblum, Inc. to design and oversee the construction of Cadence's new driveway on Montague Expressway.

Creative Solutions by Underwood & Rosenblum, Inc.:

Developing creative civil engineering and surveying solutions, U&R overcame the challenges associated with the project. We worked to change the county's master plan in a way that would allow for the new driveway at Cadence. This was possible, in part, because we redesigned an overpass planned for the future in order to make space. But we went much further...


In the end, U&R's civil engineering and surveying professional services resulted in three major additional benefits for Cadence and county residents:

  • Montague Expressway now has an additional lane in each direction, helping to reduce bumper-to-bumper traffic on this Silicon Valley artery.
  • Cadence gained a showcase landscaped driveway for employees and visitors, which was not possible under the previous county master plan.
  • Cadence obtained more property. They purchased the land that resulted from expressway right-of-way adjustments obtained from the County in this win-win agreement.

Cadence held a major ribbon-cutting celebration for the completion of this project.