I am proud to say that Underwood & Rosenblum now employs five California-licensed civil engineers and two California-licensed land surveyors. Dave Voorhies, Terence Garvey, Mark Sorenson, and Lisa Steffens are all licensed civil engineers. Mike Crowell is a licensed land surveyor. And I am both a licensed civil engineer and a licensed land surveyor. But what does this mean?

Much of the engineering, surveying, and design work done in California must, by law, be performed by licensed civil engineers and land surveyors. The California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors regulates and administers the licensing process, which requires years of education and work experience and the passing of a series of rigorous standardized exams.

Currently, there are about 45,000 licensed civil engineers and 4,000 licensed land surveyors in California. That means that about one in every 7,000 now works at U&R!