It was 1978, “Saturday Night Fever” was showing at the Moffet Drive-in and “Staying Alive” was the number one song playing on eight-track tape players. Gas prices had just climbed to $0.80 per gallon and words such as Yahoo, Cisco, Ebay and Google were just baby talk. It was the year Cliff Underwood founded Underwood & Associates, Civil Engineers and Surveyors in Campbell, California.

Then, a little more than five years later, a promising young Cal Poly engineer came to work for the company at its new office in San Jose. Yes, in March of this year I celebrated 25 years with U&R! Amazing when you consider the average time spent with one job in the U.S. these days is only four years. But I’ve worked through all the hard times as well as the good ones. I’ve always stood proud of my accomplishments and the great things I’ve seen the company and its employees, clients, and associates do over the years. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. And I hope to see many more wonderful years to come. Oh, and I still like the Bee Gees. . . Ah ah ah ah, staying alive, staying alive.