Today, the Internet provides moviegoers the convenience of online ticket sales. With services such as Fandango, you can locate nearby theaters, find out what’s playing and check movie schedules. With this thorough and quick online service, you won’t miss your favorite film.

Recent developments on the Internet also boost performance in the civil engineering and surveying field. The extent of our professional services remains unchanged. However, U&R can now meet the needs of our clients more thoroughly and quickly than ever before:

  • Digital Maps — Satellite photos of neighborhoods help us when preparing project proposals.
  • PDF Files — Today, we can create and e-mail PDF files of drawings and other documents. This eliminates time lost to printing, mailing, and delivery.
  • Permit Applications — Thanks to the Internet, we often can download electronically the design standards and applications we need, instead of driving to City Hall.
  • Records and Reports — We subscribe to online services for locating property records. Two tickets for the latest blockbuster? Yes, please do order them online!