Volunteering our annual surveying services at Gilroy Hot Springs proved to be more than an interesting and meaningful experience for all at U&R

U&R Surveying Team: 6 civil engineers, 9 land surveyors, 2 drafters, 2 administrative staff, 1 cook, various friends and family members.

Objective: Survey Map all of Gilroy Hot Springs in the span of 2 days for California State Parks. Trade cooking provided by Architect Torin Knorr, for our generous donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

As we hiked up old pathways to set up control points around fallen buildings and weathered temples, it was apparent that Gilroy Hot Springs once had a different life. At one point in history, the infamous hot springs and resort hosted various activities such as poker games, swimming parties, dances, and local service club socials. At its peak, the hotel’s registration was more than 500 guests per day. This all came to an end when The Great Depression hit and the resort was foreclosed. The site came back to life again during World War II, into a place of retreat and healing for about 60 Japanese American families that were forced into internment camps. Abandoned for good in 1964, Gilroy Hot Springs was established as a California Historical Landmark in 1988 before being incorporated into Henry W. Coe State Park in 2003.

Up until now, no efforts had been made to put this historical landmark on the map. U&R is happy to have been a part of this effort and proud to say we are the mapmakers for historic Gilroy Hot Springs.