U&R received the “Association of the Year Award 2005” from California State Parks, Monterey District. We were honored at their annual awards banquet held in May 2006. Our company was recognized for providing volunteer land surveys and digital maps for two parks. Joan Carpenter, State Parks Associate Civil Engineer who worked with U&R on our volunteer projects, nominated us.

One U&R volunteer project took place at Andrew Molera State Park in 2005. The other was at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in 2004.

“Thanks goes to the following staff members for their volunteering on these projects and for their great work at U&R,” says Frank Rosenblum, U&R’s President and Principal Engineer:

  • Anthony Black
  • Tom Prebil*
  • Mike Brabitz
  • Vince Quach
  • Mike Crowell
  • Liz Ricardo
  • Valerie Doyle
  • Chris Rudd
  • Terence Garvey
  • Susan Sarles*

* Recently left or retired from U&R

  • Binh Huynh
  • Terri Stanley
  • Theo Martinez
  • David Tabuchi
  • Michael Merlino
  • Karen Trimble
  • Jason Miller*
  • Dave Voorhies
  • Niki Moyer*
  • Jay Wright*