During the second week of September, U&R’s Theo Martinez and I had the opportunity and honor to attend the third biannual Walk/Bike California 2007 Conference in Davis, California. This weeklong conference was attended by hundreds of walking and bicycling advocates and community planners from all over California and beyond.

As in the previous conferences, Safe Routes to Schools was well represented with fact-filled seminars and workshops. New federal funding commitments to California’s Safe Routes to Schools program has fueled increased importance and need for U&R’s own 9-Step School Traffic Safety Solution Program.

Walkable and bikeable communities also got a boost from a new campaign called “Complete Streets.” The concept of Complete Streets is sweeping across America where old streets are being redesigned to accommodate pedestrians, bicycles, and public transit equally with automobile traffic. This is making for cleaner, safer, more accessible, and more attractive cities and streets.

U&R supports the many coalition groups such as National Complete Streets Coalition, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, California Bicycle Coalition, and California Walks. Please visit these wonderful Web sites. Then get away from your computer and go for a walk or bike ride. You just might like it!