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U&R Gains Public Support for Construction with 3-D Animations Showing Renovated Tak Fudenna Stadium

Need and Challenges:

For decades, five high schools have shared the Tak Fudenna Stadium of the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD). Football games, track meets, graduation ceremonies and other events make it a center of community activity. Heavy use wore down the outdated facilities.

Fortunately, when the stadium needed to be revamped, the public voted for a school bond measure. Yet, few community members attend bond oversight committee meetings. How could the community adequately understand and evaluate proposed construction based on complex civil engineering plans?

Creative Solutions by Underwood & Rosenblum, Inc.:

U&R developed and presented a 3-D animation for the FUSD. Views simulated a drive through the parking lot toward the future Tak Fudenna Stadium, followed by a flight over different areas of the field. It showed the following dramatic improvements for which U&R provides professional services:

  • First official entrance will give the stadium a new and improved look.
  • New facilities for athletes will improve competition and safety - includes a state-of-the-art track, a playing field and locker rooms.
  • New facilities for sports fans will enhance spectator experience at the games - an electronic scoreboard, bleachers, larger restroom facilities and a press box.
  • State-of-the-art artificial turf will offer greater player safety, last longer and look better than natural or other artificial surfaces.
  • Parking lot improvements will add parking spaces and a drop-off zone at the new front gate.
  • New ramps and seating areas will provide greater accessibility for events at the stadium.

Specifically, U&R serves as the civil engineering consultants for Tak Fudenna Stadium. For one part of our role, we designed the new artificial turf playing fields. Aedis Architecture and Planning is the architectural firm responsible for the project.


A front-page article in the Fremont Argus publicized U&R's 3-D presentation. Fifty community members attended the FUSD Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee meeting – breaking all records. When the video ended, the audience applauded.

Also, a record number of construction companies submitted proposals. The winning bid came within budget from a company experienced in the latest artificial turf fields.

View the 3-D Animation:

You can click here to view the 3-D animation and project details. To play this movie, you will need Windows Media Player installed and set up on your computer. Click here to download a free copy of the media player for PC or Mac.