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Partnership with City Enables Mission San Jose H.S. to Add New Tennis Courts & Parking Lots

Need and Challenges:

Fed up with high school students parking in the streets in front of their homes, neighbors were complaining at a televised Fremont City Council meeting. Nearby Mission San Jose High School's parking lot was full. Students with cars had no other choice. Then Fremont's mayor said on television the words that would foretell the solution: Surely there is an engineer who can make more space available.

As a separate issue, Mission San Jose H.S. prizes its tennis team. It has a long respected reputation as a tennis powerhouse in the Fremont area. Yet the dirt fill on the school's eight tennis courts had settled to the point that no one could play on them without challenges.

Creative Solutions by Underwood & Rosenblum, Inc.:

As chance would have it, U&R President Frank Rosenblum was watching the televised Fremont City Council meeting. Intrigued by the challenge, he came up with an out-of-the-box solution. Mr. Rosenblum ultimately ended up implementing it when providing professional services for the school district:

  • Mission San Jose H.S. paid for the building of three additional tennis courts at the city-owned park next door, which already had three courts.
  • U&R recommended paving over the eight decaying tennis courts on the school property and converting them into school parking lots.
  • U&R designed more parking spaces in the existing lot by restriping.
  • A written agreement designated that the school uses the tennis courts during pre-set hours. City residents use them the rest of the time.


Mission San Jose H.S. with its champion tennis team and the City of Fremont share beautiful new tennis courts. This was accomplished at a fraction of the cost for both sides. City of Fremont did not pay for the construction of the tennis courts. The high school avoided paying for additional land. Mission San Jose H.S. now enjoys giant new parking lots with sufficient space for all of their students' cars.

When they opened, members of the city staff, city council, school district staff and school board led a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The City Manager, School District Superintendent and others gave speeches. Fremont Argus newspaper published the event photo accompanied by a newspaper article.